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Vaporization Defined In-Depth


Vaporization, also known as volatization, is a process by which the active elements of a substance are released through the application of heat without combustion. In other words, the substance is heated, but never burned.

This is an important distinction because when a substance is burned it becomes denatured. Denaturing means that a chemical change takes place and the molecular structure of the substance is actually modified. When denaturing is catalyzed by excessive heat this is known as pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a major drawback to smoking a material.


When pyrolysis occurs, a molecular breakdown creates new elements that had not been present in the source material prior to combustion. The obvious example is, of course, tobacco. When smoking a cigarette, you seek the effects of tobacco's active element, nicotine. Through the process of smoking, however, you receive not only nicotine, but a handful of toxins and irritants, such as smoke and tar, which have been created by pyrolysis.

In contrast, because vaporization typically requires a temperature lower than a substance's combustion point, pyrolysis never takes place and the substance is never denatured. In other words, vaporization releases the active elements of a substance through a method by which pyrolysis cannot take place. Therefore, it produces a pure aerosol mist comprised only of elements naturally occurring in the source material.


Benefits of Vaporization

Vaporization produces no combustion byproducts such as Carbon Monoxide, Tar or other harmful elements which are prime suspects in cigarette-related Cancers.

Vapor is also considerably cooler than smoke and less likely to damage sensitive lung and throat tissue. Users who are concerned about the respiratory hazards of smoking are strongly advised to use vaporizers

Vaporization vs Traditional Methods

Vaporization as a delivery method is vastly superior to smoking. Smoking or (using combustion) requires the user to inhale several harmful toxic tars and carcinogens into the body. Digestion is another viable alternative to vaporization.

However, this process is extremely slow and sometimes painstaking as well. It is a proven fact that vapors travel through the body and bloodstream with greater efficiency.

Vaporizer the Progression and Thoughts

A vaporizer is a substitute for smoking or combusting of the material. Instead of burning the blend, the vaporizer just heats it enough so that the volatile medicinal constituents that are contained inside the watery secretions of the plant melt in an aromatic vapor.

Nowadays vaporizers are more commonly used by people for enjoying the flavor of an occasional mild puff of smoke. There are several vaporizer manufactures in the market today. Different features of the vaporizer are put under several tests to select the very best.

These tests are meant to improve its qualities like flavor, vapor to smoke ratio, efficiency, session ability test, portability test, style test, versatility test, satisfaction test, value test etc.

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