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VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer

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.625 Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk

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.725 Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk

.725 Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk List Price:

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VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer+.625 Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk++EVAK ID Clip+Evak Glass Container
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VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Color: $427.49
.625 Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk $4.27
EVAK ID Clip $6.99
Evak Glass Container $9.99


VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Introduction

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is handmade in Palm Beach, Florida by VaporFectionVaporFection offers us collectively over 50 years of Electrical engineering experience it's no wonder they've developed such an impressive array of vaporizers.

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is a great alternative to the Super Vapezilla Vaporizer or the Evolutions Vaporizer.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Digital Heating System

The advanced digital controller employed by the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is leaps and bounds over some of its competition.

Factory Preset, the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer allows users to take advantage of its set it and forget it technology. This means the factory has already preset the optimal temperature on every VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer before it leaves the shop.

At your choice you can adjust the temperature and the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer will remember the last setting and when you turn it back on, the unit will tune back to that temperature.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Heating Element

The patented Glass Heating Element that the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer utilizes is one of the most advanced offered.

A 100% glass element ensures no harmful toxins that may be associated with metal heating elements. The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer has been designed so that the heating element is completely separate from the electronics.

Boasting a 3 minute warm-up time, from turning the machine on to actually vaporization, the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer doesn't need to toot its own horn.



VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Warranty

The manufacturers warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship which occur with normal use of the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer and when it has been purchased from an authorized retailer.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Warranty is valid no more than 3 years from the purchase date or as required by law.

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and in proper working condition when you receive your order.

Should your order arrive and the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is defective, a replacement will be provided free of charge. To obtain your replacement, contact Vaporwholesalers.com within 7 days of receipt of your order.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations based on the duration of an implied warranty.

The limitations and exclusions written above may not apply to you. The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have additional rights based on your state law. Other restrictions may apply.


VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Instructions

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is equipped with a unique “Set it and Forget it” Feature, It’s so easy to use.

Every unit went through a complete testing and burn-off period at the factory.

Plug unit into a 110 volt (220 volt European models) wall outlet, turn red lighted power switch on to the up position, do not press any buttons on the temperature controller until you've had a chance to review the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer instructions.

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is preset and calibrated to measure vaporizing temperature between 200, and 375F.

Please note that it is normal that the LED changing color light will go on and off during its use, thus indicating when it is ON that the unit is in the desire temperature range and  it’s at the utmost level to vaporize efficiently.

When the LED light turns Off it will still vaporize with a lighter draw , this will make it easy for any one to vaporize efficiently and flavorably without guessing.

Just remember when the LED light is On is time to draw good vapor,

It will take approximately 2 minutes to heat up ,and when the heating element chamber LED will glow with different colors and the fans will turn on after the set temperature has been reached.

Insert tubing into glass vapor whip and load (maximum 1/3 of the clear glass chamber above the screen) with your favorite grinded material by inhaling from your mouth piece into the glass whip and using it as a vacuum to pick up your material to be vaporize, insert glass whip in the glowing heating chamber.

Begin inhaling deep and slow for 10 seconds, then inhale faster and steady for 8 seconds or until desired taste is achieved it may take a few times to repeat until the material warm’s up and depending on the moisture content of the material, the temperature may or may not need to be adjusted.

If the vapor is to harsh or weak then you need to do the following steps.

Press the button P on the temperature controller and hold for a second until SP will flash, to adjust temperature press and hold up button for stronger vapor or down buttons for lighter vapor(2 degrees maximum at time ) until reaching the desired temperature.

After setting SP1 by pressing up or down buttons then press P button one time, SP2 will start flashing, adjust the setting to read the same temperature as SP1 than press P one time to exit setting mode.

When the material has been properly vaporized it will turn tan and dry but never dark or burnt, to discard used material blow into your mouth piece to discard the vaporized material in a waste basket.

When you have finished using the unit, just simply turn the red power switch off, the fans will continue running until the unit reaches a cool temperature and the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer will shut off automatically.

The next time you are ready to use your VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer just turn the red power switch on and wait a few minutes for the LED indicator light and the fans to come on , insert you loaded whip and enjoy again without pressing any buttons.

With little time and use, you will vaporfect the use of the VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Cleaning Tips

It is highly recommended to clean your glass whip every so often by soak / wash in 90% USP rubbing alcohol until cleaned, rinse with fresh water, and blow dry. Clean it periodically to keep the glass whip and the screen clean and/or replace with a clean screen which is important for an efficient operation. We have made it easier to replace the screens by manufacturing a screen changing tool.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Safety Tips

  1. Always place the unit on a flat none combustible surface without blocking the fans or the bottom vents air flow since it will affect the vaporization and may cause the unit to heat up unnecessarily.

    We are not responsible for negligent use causing injury to yourself or others, never use around children, so please do take these warnings seriously.

  2. Leaving the vaporizer turned on for a prolonged time at high temperature without attending to it, will cause unnecessary heat buildup and may cause injury to persons and damage to components voiding all warranties.

    Always turn off your unit after use and let it cool down and shut off automatically through the fans temperature sensor shutoff relay switch and since you can start up and vaporize in less than 2 minutes by just flipping on the power switch.

  3. Please use caution when the unit is turned on since part of it will get hot. Never leave the vaporizer unattended while the unit is on.

  4. Never exhale or insert any foreign object or finger inside the heating glass chamber tube this will result in damage to component, if this happened accidentally turn unit off until it cools down unplug unit and use a can of air duster and blow thru the front and rear of unit.

    It is always a good practice to periodically blow clean air into your front and back of your unit with a can of air duster to keep it dust free. Please remember to let the unit cool off before unplugging it or moving it around.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Tamper Warning

The VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer is equipped with a tamper proof device, tampering with or opening by a non-Vaporfection Inc. authorized person, will cause damage to the unit and change its setting, rendering it inoperable and voiding all warranty.

Please contact our technical support toll free at 888 827-3101 if you have any questions regarding the use of your VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer.

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Disclaimer

Since modern vaporization has not yet been approved by the FDA, we cannot claim that vaporizing is safer and healthier than smoking. Therefore we do not endorse recommend or encourage that vaporization can be used to cure, diagnose or prevent ailments or diseases, furthermore this product is intended for aroma flavor delivery and home therapeutic use and not intended for any medical purposes or illegal use of any kind.


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VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 pc. VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Base
  • 1 pc. VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer Vapor Whip
  • 2 pc. .725 Vapor Whip Screens
  • 1 pc. VaporFection Instruction Manual

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