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Evolutions Vaporizer v7

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Evolutions Tubing 3 ft

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.725 Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk

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Evolutions Vaporizer v7+EVAK ID Clip+Evak Glass Container
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Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Color: $427.49
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Evolutions Vaporizer v7

The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 is American Made by Integrated Thermal Management Solutions

Integrated Thermal Management Solutions employ the mind behind several cutting edge vaporizers that have been developed over the past several years including The Fogger, The B-Real Vaporizer and most recently with the Super Vapezilla.

Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Design Specs

The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 utilizes a Silicone Air Seal over the Vapor Whip, which provides a Sealed Airflow. This means there is no cold air leakage from the outside to offset the heat level on the interior of the Evolutions Vaporizer v7.

This also means you can leave your partially vaporized load in the Evolutions Vaporizer v7 for hours and come back and finish at your leisure. The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 is the only Vaporizer with this capability.

Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Heating System

The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 uses a chemically inert Ceramic Heating Element incased in steel for greater durability. The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 features a State of the Art Digital Controller factory set @ 400.

Evolutions Vaporizer v7's Digital Controller

The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 is designed to overshoot desired temperature by 10 and reduce temperature from there to achieve desired temperature quicker.

When the green light is flashing, this represents the Evolutions Vaporizer v7 heating or decreasing temperature to reach your desired temperature. To change temperature on the Evolutions Vaporizer v7, press the Select Button and dial in the desired temperature and relax, no need to press anything else.

Fuzzy Logic & The Evolutions Vaporizer v7

The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 employs Fuzzy Logic to determine how much more heat the temperature needs to stay at the desired temperature.

The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 will automatically compensate for the cooling effect that happens when you draw from the Vapor Whip. This is the primary reason that competitive digital models such as the Vapir Air One 5. Vaporizer experience the frequent fluctuation in temperature.



Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Warranty

The manufacturers warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship which occur with normal use of the Evolutions Vaporizer v7 and when it has been purchased from an authorized retailer.

Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Warranty is valid no more than 3 years from the purchase date or as required by law.

The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and in proper working condition when you receive your order.

Should your order arrive and the Evolutions Vaporizer v7 is defective, a replacement will be provided free of charge. To obtain your replacement, contact Vaporwholesalers.com within 7 days of receipt of your order.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations based on the duration of an implied warranty.

The limitations and exclusions written above may not apply to you. The Evolutions Vaporizer v7 warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have additional rights based on your state law. Other restrictions may apply.


Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Important Operating Instructions

Below find step by step instructions on using the Evolutions Vaporizer v7.

  1. Set operating temperature of controller to 380 degrees Fahrenheit by following these three steps:

    • Press the teal green "SEL" button ONCE. (note red light marked "SV" is on)
    • Press the up or down button until desired temperature is indicated
    • Optional: Press the green "SEL" button once more to Select your desired temperature.

      Note: if you do not do this the controller will do it for you in 30 seconds.

  2. As far as temperature is concerned, a good starting point is 380 degrees, however, individual machines may operate well within the range of 360 to 430 deg.

  3. There is a certain "new car" taste to a brand new vaporizer and if you see some vapor slowly waft from the heater port, don't be alarmed, this is just dust, finger prints, and the corn mineral we use in the machining process burning off.
  4. It smells and tastes weird but ususlly goes away within a few hours. If you are really worried about it you can turn your vaporizer all the way up to 500 degrees and let it go for 30 mins, that after that there won't be a hint of flavor left when you turn it back down to 400.

  5. Next, if you have not already done so, stretch one end of the silicone hose around the tube end of the bowl and the other end around the tube end of the provided mouthpiece. Eventually you may want to experiment with attaching the hose to one of any number of bag, ice, or water attachments.

  6. Fill the bowl about half full and remember, the fluffier the material the thicker the vapor and the denser the material the longer the flavor and aroma will last.

  7. Plug the bowl into the heater port on the vaporizer with a gentle twisting motionuntil the glass clears the lip of the silicone and fully seats.

  8. Draw as much air as is comfortable to achieve desired vapor delivery.

  9. The temperature of the material inside the receiver has everything to do with the amount of air being drawn through it. The more air that moves through the bowl, the closer its temperature will be to that indicated on the controller.

  10. Conversely, if no more air is being drawn through the tobacco, it will cool back down to room temperature and wait for you to return.


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Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Includes:

  • 1 pc. Evolutions Vaporizer Unit
  • 1 pc. Evolutions Vaporizer Vapor Whip
  • 2 pc. 5/8" Replacement Screen .625
  • 1 pc. Evolutions Instruction Manual

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