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Humidipak - 2-way Humidity Control Packets

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62% Boveda Pack - Bulk

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Humidipak is the world's first 2-way humidity control. This allows for perfect moisture containment and keeps your ingredients fresh. You can use Humidpaks in any container, but we recommend the CVault since it's made to work with Humidpaks.

The Humidpak works at a 62% relative humidity (+/- 1% for variance) and requires no adjustments. Just place the Humidpak in a container and it will automatically maintain moisture levels. When not in use, just store the Humidipak in a sealed bag or airtight container.

Once the Humidipak becomes solid, just replace it with a new packet.




  • 1x Boveda/Humidipak Packet
  • 2-way Humidity Control
  • Maintains Perfect Humidity

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