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Vapor Tower Vaporizer

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1 inch Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk

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Vapor Tower Vaporizer+1 inch Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk++EVAK ID Clip+Evak Glass Container
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Vapor Tower Vaporizer $170.99
1 inch Vapor Whip Screens 10 pk $4.27
EVAK ID Clip $6.99
Evak Glass Container $9.99


Vapor Tower Vaporizer Introduction

The Vapor Tower Vaporizer is the first box style vaporizer unit of its kind with a radical new vertical design concept. The Vapor Tower Vaporizer uses similar physics to the world famous Volcano vaporizer, and it truly towers over the rest.

By using this design concept the Vapor Tower Vaporizer is able to produce a vertical stream of heat making this vaporizer highly effective with only a minimal amount of heat loss.

Vapor Tower Vaporizer Handkit / Vapor Whip

The Vapor Tower Vaporizer Handkit is a new and improved design based upon the original hands-free VaporBox Vaporizer. This new 2 piece design is a breakthrough in vapor whip technology. Utilizing a double screen design the Vapor Tower Vaporizer Handkit suspends your blend above the ceramic heating source. This allows for greater air flow through your blend.

Vapor Tower Vaporizer Center Punch Ceramic Heating Element

The Vapor Tower Vaporizer is unique in almost every way, including the latest heating element technology - the center punched ceramic heating element maximizes air flow which increases the efficiently of the vaporizer. . The Vapor Tower Vaporizer is designed to enhance your entire vaporizing experience.

Vapor Tower Vaporizer History

The Vapor Tower Vaporizer company is the OEM of the Original VaporBox Vaporizer and before that, the VaporDoc Vaporizer. The company has been producing vaporizers for several years with a reputation of manufacturing a top quality product, with every new design improving upon the last. .



Vapor Tower Vaporizer Warranty

The manufacturers warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship which occur with normal use of the Vapor Tower Vaporizer and when it has been purchased from an authorized retailer.

The warranty for the Vapor Tower Vaporizer is valid with a limited Lifetime Warranty, that applies to heater failure only.

The Vapor Tower Vaporizer is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and in proper working condition when you receive your order.

Should your order arrive and the Vapor Tower Vaporizer is defective, a replacement will be provided free of charge. To obtain your replacement, contact Vaporwholesalers.com within 7 days of receipt of your order.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations based on the duration of an implied warranty.

The limitations and exclusions written above may not apply to you. The Vapor Tower Vaporizer warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have additional rights based on your state law. Other restrictions may apply.


Vapor Tower Vaporizer Instructions

Below find step by step instructions on using the Vapor Tower Vaporizer.

  1. Turn the heat control knob on the Vapor Tower Vaporizer to around 10:00-10:30 and let the Vapor Tower Vaporizer warm up for about 5 minutes.

  2. DO NOT attempt to use the Vapor Tower Vaporizer at higher temps without previous experience! The heater is VERY powerful and easily capable of BURNING your material and lungs if turned up much higher!!!

  3. Grind or cut up material. Unscrew Vapor Tower Vaporizer Glass Handkit, load material into the short side of the metal fitting of small "bowl" end.

  4. Recommended load is anywhere from just covering the screen to filling metal chamber. Do not over fill.

  5. Carefully Screw handkit back together to avoid spilling material.

  6. If loaded fully, you do not need to screw it together completely and tightly. If loaded lightly, screw together completely.

  7. Insert handkit into Vapor Tower Vaporizer. Begin by taking a fast and short puff through the tubing.

  8. This is to prevent burning if the heat setting is too high. For each consecutive puff, slow down your breath.

  9. The slower you inhale, the hotter and stronger the resulting puff will be. Experiment until you find your ideal breath and temp range preference on the knob. You will quickly get a feel for this.

  10. CAREFULLY remove handkit after a few puffs. The glass and metal parts may be very HOT to touch, so please proceed with caution. Once metal is cool enough to handle, unscrew handkit to look at material.

  11. If the material blackened, you should turn the knob down a little or draw faster. If you do not get a puff, you should turn the temperature up a little and/or draw slower.

  12. At first it may not feel like you are getting a puff because Vapor is a cool clear Minerals mist that dissipates quickly and is not seen unless you blow against a light source.

  13. Some people prefer a higher setting for a more full-bodied, slightly smoky puff. After a few puffs you will notice your exhaust thinly decreasing, indicating that the material is depleted of its essential Minerals.

  14. Once Material is "spent" and handkit has cooled to the touch, unscrew and expel material turning the top bowl upside down.

  15. Use stir tool to help remove any stuck material from both sides of handkit. Be carefulnot to lose the Silicone rubber O-ring or screen.


LIMITED OFFER: Vapor Tower Vaporizer

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Vapor Tower Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 pc. Vapor Tower Vaporizer Hands Free Base
  • 1 pc. 18 mm VaporTower 2 pc Dual Action Hands Free Vapor Whip
  • 1 pc. Stir Tool
  • 1 pc. Operational Manual

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